September meeting (9/16/08 6:30pm) info and a happy OktoBEERfest to All

Update: Jerry is bringing a genuine German beer stein from his private collection to raffle off at tonight’s meeting!

Our next meeting is a little over 24 hours away and Peter has convinced rep for arguably the oldest brewery in the world, the German state-owned Weihenstephan brewery in the city of Freising, Bavaria to come seduce us with their brews. As always 6:30pm in the bar area at Angelica’s Bistro. Hop to see you all there.

The Mercury carried another article last week of Jay R Brooks on Beer and he talks about the history of Oktoberfest. It’s a decent read.

The article is titled September is Oktoberfest if the link changes over time.

“It’s only the second week of September, so naturally my thoughts turn to Oktoberfest. Given the name, it’s understandable that many people think Oktoberfest is an October festival. But the festivities traditionally begin in September. So if you’re planning on attending Earth’s biggest beer festival, you’d better make plans immediately — Munich’s festivities open Sept. 19….”

Peter is switching up his beers again so if you have any ideas send them in to me.

Angelica’s is hosting its own local Oktoberfest on the 26th with 6 additional German beers available, Der Brasswoks Band and possibly a dancing goat. Seriously, how can you pass up to two-step with a goat? Beer Club members get a $5 discount on the door fee.

More news to follow on the blog as soon as I finish getting the company corporate taxes out the door. Prost!

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