Next meeting and a newsapalooza!

First, email me if you want to join our beer of the month club. Simply I will pick 4 different beers that you aren’t likely to find locally and box up 3 of each kind (so 12 beers total) for you to taste and share with your friends. I’m still working on pricing (I have to get boxes, pick beers etc… but it will be cheaper/competitive to buying them and we save on shipping because you can pick them up =).

The next meeting will be on November 18th at 6:30pm in the bar area of Angelicas Bistro. Our special guest is Michael from the locally famous Lagunitas Brewery Company; you won’t want to miss this one, samples of the special brew, with a bonus bottle to take home.

I’ll have a few t-shirts to give away from the Cafe Press store and I hope to have a handout on beer and food pairing ready for distribution.

Bev Mo is sponsoring a Holiday beer Fest at Fort Mason, San Francisco. Tickets are $35 (available only online) and includes all your beer tastings for the day. It will be held on November 15th, from 1 to 4pm. A portion of the proceeds of to the Culinary Arts Foundation so come and drink beer and support your local chefs! 😉

Sam Adams is set to release their uber-beer Utopias this month. If you are interested, get to your local beer purveyor and put your name in, only a few bottles each go to each store from the local Sam Adams distributor so competition for this unique release is intense. Pricing should be in the $175 range at checkout.

Devils Canyon added two more Brew On Premises dates. Check them out if interested.

Pastry A Go Go is making a fresh batch of their beer cakes tonight. Follow them on twitter for special deals!

Don’t forget the Bisto’s beer festival is coming up, see below for more details!



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