No beer club this month, but wait!!!

With the holidays being so busy there will be no beer club in December. We will pick it up again in January. But you can still get your beer fix in.

December Beer & Food PairingIf you hadn’t heard, Angelica’s Bistro is hosting a beer and food pairing gourmet dinner on December 18th at 7:30pm. A night out like this usually requires a drive into San Francisco or down to Los Gatos but we are getting one right here in the heart of the Redwood City. Earlier this month I had the opportunity to try the upcoming menu and it was fantastic. No really it was. I am working on a book on beer and food pairing and I’m barrel deep into reading up on the history of wine and food pairing. This pairing of St. Martin’s Belgian beers and food hits all the traditional wow factors you hear about well paired foods and wine.

First up was the cream of Belgian endive soup and the St. Martins Blond (a golden ale). The soup was light yet hearty in texture, perfect for a winter night. When enjoyed alongside the Blond, its sweetness and carbonation take the soup to new heights. It pops in the mouth and each spoonful is as good as the last. Here we see how a beer, like wine can compliment and elevate a food.

For the entrée, we are being treated to Braised Beef Short Ribs in St. Martin Brune (a dubble). First, this beer won first place for Worlds Best (Abbey) dark beer at the 2009 World Beer Awards (London). The Brune has a sweet aroma of raisins, brown sugar and citrus with a thick slow-drinking taste. Not overly sweet despite the aroma with a hint of the carbonation that made the golden ale so memorable; it complements the ribs perfectly, adding to the lusciousness of the slow cook beef without competing. Used in the dish, it reduces to a ridiculously sinful sauce that will tempt you to lick the plate.

For desert the march of gourmet dishes continues with caramelized pears, vanilla bean gelato served with the St. Martin Tripple. The higher alcohol of the triple singes away that first caramel layer of the bite and then submits to the continuous flood of vanilla, caramel and pear. This beer has a light mouth feel and lets the gelato and fruit tastes keep to the front. It is a perfect accompaniment to help close out a fantastic dinner. Fine to sip even after the pear and gelato are long gone.

There are few chances to enjoy this kind of dinner here on the peninsula, so even during the busy Christmas season it is a must go for anyone who loves beer or fine food. Call Peter for reservations: 650-365-3226.

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