Update: location revealed!

Meeting: Extreme beer! 6:30 PM Haus Staudt -1/20/2010

As a few of you already know, Haus Staudt is Redwood City’s hidden gem – an authentic German beer garden. Volker, the owner, has kindly invited us down to try the latest beer from Brew Dog and Stone brewing. We will be meeting at the normal time (6:30pm), but instead of Angelica’s we’ll be there. Volker received 1 of the only 2 kegs sold in the area. It’s a real treat to get to sample this beer.

Tasting: Brew Dog Bashah, Devil’s Canyon Three Monkeys Barley Wine, Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA.

If anyone gets lost, has questions or needs help finding it please call me. 650-544-7906. Directions follow.

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Haus Staudt is located behind the Gourmet Haus Staudt german store on Broadway and directly across from City Pub. It’s entrance is in the back corner of the small parking lot off California. Don’t park in the lot, it’s for the bank only. If coming down Broadyway, make your first left (onto California) after crossing the train tracks and park on the street there or in the Caltrain lot. If you hit El Camino you went one block to far.

Since I am procurring the other samples, can everyone kindly RSVP so I can get a count? Thanks and see you all tomorrow night.

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