Beer club tonight

Hello all, just back from my morning run and just as well I snuck it in today because word has come in that Kash has indeed procured us some fancy gravity fed beer from Gordon Biersch for tonight, we will also be trying some of the fest beers the Haus has on tap for anyone that missed the Oktoberfest last weekend.

Come one come all, like most nights but especially tonight there will be too much beer for us to try. If you haven’t paid your dues please remember to tonight (50/year), for our casual friends, there is a paltry $5 tasting fee or you can bring a beer to share. We play it easy.

Great Brooks on Beer article in today’s San Mateo Times about a Trappist Brewery here in California and their partnership with Sierra Nevada.

Sam Adam’s announced this year’s Long Shot winners, go home brewers Rodney Kibzey, Richard Roper, and employee winner Caitlin DeClercq!

Next month I will have a subscription to a home brew magazine to give away so all interested should definitely plan to be at the October meeting. See everyone tonight and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook; email is so yesterday. Plus it isn’t twitter which apparently forgot all about cross site scripts. Oops.



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