Good Stuff

I use these services and like them enough to recommend them; sometimes out of the goodness of my heart sometimes for points and kudos.

Best beer magazines:

Zymurgy (free by joining the HBA)
Brew Your Own (available in print and through the Google playstore)
Beer Advocate (available in print and through the Google playstore)
All About Beer
Beer Connoisseur

Beer Supplies:
More Beer (our local store in in Mountain View)
Northern Brewer
Austin Brewing Supplies

Want beer delivered monthly? Try Beer Boxer but I think these guys just crashed and burned.
Another monthly beer company… Craft Beer of the Month their selection is only so so but at least they are still in business

Like coffee? Try Tonx
Need dinner ideas? Try Emeals
Need dinner? Try Munchery
Need dinner kits? Try Blue Apron

Local CSA’s

Need raw dog food?
Want locally caught fish? Siren Sea

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